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Visiting the hidden face of the blue planet


Travel reports and photos by Pablo Sigismondi

written by Pablo Sigismondi

"There are other worlds, silent, remote, lonely, distant, where life shows itself with all its intensity. Let's go to them"
Khalil Gibran "Love letters from the Prophet"

When traveling around the globe, watching it at ground level, one can feel, from the smallness of human race, that we became a kid again. To travel trough a continuous series of shades, that come from the extreme geographical diversity of our world, means entering a wonderful kaleidoscope of people and sceneries as diverse as magnificent.

But, despise this surprising diversity, the Earth itself proclaims a message of unity of all creation, a message we cannot forget. And it leads to a perception of the outer world, but more than that, of the inner world.
Setting up an original bondage with every person, with every place, let us rescue the mythical sense of the world. And also the capacity to share with the other- from the wichis in the north of Argentina, to the young Viking girl from Iceland; from the dark eyes of the woman in Ethiopia to the homeless in New York; from the Bedouin in the desert of Syria to the kids overloaded with fruits in Uganda; from the naked cannibal tribes in New Guinea to the terrified eyes of the Afghan refugees; from sadhus in India to Tibetan monks- allows us to feel the same, in ourselves. This empathy leaves traces, marks. Everyone lives in day-to-day memories. To everyone I owe gratitude.

I have learnt from people. And I have discovered that at every corner there are stories; despise the global village where everything looks alike and well-known. Still, in our world there are stories. Still, there are windows to be opened, and people waiting for us to open them. But, how do I preserve and commit to memory the evidences of a trip trough the human being and his shadow, his struggles, his beliefs, and his loves across five continents? Through pictures, as a way to integrate those black holes that there are in our world; those scars of history, those sutures that we euphemistically call political divisions or races. In today's world, which weakens frontiers and homogenizes, integrates and communicates, there is, however, a complementary process that restores them, creating new barriers that segregate and scatters, which disconnect the ones who seek to cross them. We have eyes but we cannot see.

Traveling around, time becomes endless, incredibly full up. Time gets marked, gets intense, stays and extends. And photography eternizes it.

All in all, we live in a world continuously traveling inside a universe which is also traveling itself. And traveling is the only antidote to vanquish the fugacity of time. And these pictures seek to help us reveal, understand and spread the authentic human wonder the Earth keeps inside its bowels.

Pablo Sigismondi.

Another presentation

Written by Martín Romano

Sometimes one feels tired, that it was too much, that it is too hard… and one rather lays in a sofa and watch unhurriedly how toes nails grow...sometimes one feels that everything is too much. It seems that behind (or even better, inside) everyone it rounds a terrible, untold, not put in words but present truth...LIFE IS HARD, LIFE COSTS and it is at that moment when one feels a survivor in the world, in the system, in this society, in this part of history...

But ,as it happens, it appears a dark haired, Turkish looking man, sporting beard and sandals and gives a conference about cultural differences in the world and one (to oneself) considers sending him to hell... but one does not now why on earth one attends the conference, listens to the dark-skinned who takes pictures and travels around the world (as the curriculum says) and one wants to see something different, a landscape, a far away building, a rain poured dessert, but no...definitely no, because in the pictures there is life, there is people suffering and laughing, crying and celebrating, living and dying. And one walks the gallery and has the strange feeling of being a swine, of watching reality trough a glass...and if it is not enough, some guy announces that the Geographer shall give a conference, and that it is free, come in if you like, and one comes in, takes a seat in the middle not to call attention, and prepares one's more critical attention to internally crush the conference man when he finishes.

But the guy appears and is simple, is a simple, everyday guy, with his everyday clothes, he talks and gestures, and one sees peace inside that man who has seen war, one sees calmness inside him, and one begins seeing through who he is, because the worlds he talks about takes one to other world, not the one he saw but the one he portrays, and the guy surprises everyone, and leaves us dumb faced , frowning and sucking one's finger, thinking how on earth, to hell with him...

Then he talks about equality, love, dignity, answers questions, and turns words inside out until one gets what he means, but never says what one expects...
Then he finishes and one takes a second look at the pictures and sees the truth and shivers, and thinks again swine of me, how easy has everything been so far...that reality always smacks our face, in many ways, that there is more world than the world we see, that there is also a world some others show us...

And besides all that, one gets to know him, and have a chat, and more than a accomplice beer, and all shows what one already suspected, that the guy is always the same, translucent, upright, profound.

Then he goes away, takes a plane and goes somewhere...but one has a thorn in the soul, a burin trough one's brain, because one's own humanity has been changed, and understands what one always knew and continues to walk as a modern times Sisyphus, bearing in mind that, while one plods, many behind walk on their knees and upwards...and truth hurts. But now one rather watches it.

Excellent task the one done at the web page, a mighty detail to crown such worthy and essential job.
Congratulations and happiness...and let the all times compromise and predisposition last long.

Martín Romano

Note: the inclusion of this note is a transgression of mine, Carlos the "webmaster"; I shall leave it here until Pablo tells me not to. This appeared at the forum, but I consider it so revealing that it deserves been shown, to understand Pablo's job in a better way.

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